Equipment Rental Services

Specific Relocation has the availability to hire you all the necessary relocation equipment as required. Crates, Skates, Cartons, Tape and labels are all available to hire and we can deliver and pickup once completed..

If used in the correct manner, Crates and skates are simple to use and we can also provide full instructions tailor made for your own relocation.

When using Security crates, we have the added bonus if you wish to include an added piece of security by using “security tags” which the security crates can be “sealed” by using these items. Simply by placing these tags through each end of the crate and recording the tag identification number.

The main reason companies hire “Crates and Skates” is because of their cost efficiency when relocating. No need to manually lift heavy cardboard boxes, now you simply place the crate into a skate, then fill the crate with your items, fold the lids over and then place the next empty crate on top.