Project Library

Sydney University

The Sydney College of Arts from Rozelle Campus to the Old Teachers College at University of Sydney’s main campus.
Both Buildings heritage listed
Over 3000m2 of complex equipment, machinery and assets. Print media, general workshops, jewellery, glass and sculpture and much more. Sequenced movement, placement and commissioning.
Equipment relocating includes Glass and Ceramic Kilns, Etch printing machines, wood working machinery and some very old hand built machinery.

Last minute relocation due to building structure issue – direct from the client – February 2020

Hey Steve

Just wanted to let you know that everything went well. Thank you for getting this all organized so fast.

Brooke and the guys did a fabulous job and Mark was incredible. He worked a bloody long day trying to Sort out our internet. He’s a legend and we were very grateful for his attention to detail.

Please send me the invoice.

Kind regards

University – February 2020

Awarded 350 staff relocation from a major university – from several buildings to new purpose-built building on campus – includes academics and professors.

Major Library – January 2020

Completed packing in sequence, relocating off site and storage of 4,000 l/m. Books were cleaned and packed in total sequence Returning in April 2020. Stored in weather resistant warehouse.